The Story Behind Mayberry Realty

I started my career in the service industry as a chef. The long hours and shift work did not agree with family life so I decided to move into an industry that was more conducive to raising a family.
I had always had an interest in the real estate industry and decided to get my licence and worked for a few agencies to build my experience in property management and sales. 
I take a very straight forward approach when dealing with property management so that owners and tenants alike know what to expect from me.
Working in sales I got to talk to investors and owners with regards to their property management.  A recurring theme was they didn't have stability with their property management, which caused a number of issues and often left them feeling like just a number and that their property wasn't really cared for.
Hearing these issues voiced by quite a few people made me decide to open a small agency focusing on making sure owners & investors won't feel like a number. And where their investments are being looked after knowing that they will have the same property manager while they are with us. 

Meet the team

Justin Mayberry - Principal

Justin will be a face you will become quickly acquainted with, as not only is he the Principal of Mayberry Realty but he is also the person that mainly liaises with owners and tenants. 

The Mayberry Family

Besides Justin, there is his wife Elisa and son Jacob.

Elisa looks after the office, while Jacob oversees everything we do.

Dave Read - Contracted Sales Agent

Dave has been in the Real Estate Industry just shy of 20 years and all of this time has been in the Bundaberg and district areas. While he specializes in Rural and Commercial Rural he also is highly competitive in the Commercial and Residential areas. Both of which in sales and rental. With Dave’s local knowledge and combined with his broad knowledge of building & construction, livestock & farming , heavy machinery industries, Dave has proven that he possesses the right tools for the industry that he works in. Dave has also been a fully licenced Auctioneer for the past 20 years specializing in clearance sales, livestock and heavy machinery sales. Dave also conducts Auctions on behalf of Receivers on Real Property Auctions.

Your Investment Is Our Priority