Switching Property Management to Mayberry Realty

  1. Give written notice that you would like to terminate your agreement with your existing agency, which usually requires 30 days notice. We have a template letter you can use which can be downloaded from the link below.
    Property Management Termination Letter
  2. Sign a new PO Form 6 Agreement with us.
  3. We will get in contact with your current agency to ask for all documentation with regards to the tenancy to be handed over to us as per the agreed date.
  4. We will inform the tenant of the change over in management.
  5. We will collect all keys and important documents from your previous agency.
  6. We will perform a routine inspection as soon as possible to address any problems or issues the tenant may have at the time.


Owner Information

When you have your property managed at Mayberry Realty, we make it easy for you to know everything that is happening with your property. Please download  and read the 'Owner Access Brochure' for more information regarding this from the below link.
Owner Access Brochure


Tenant Selection

Once we have reference checked all prospective tenants, we then seek final approval from the landlord of the property. 
We conduct thorough interviews and reference checks to make sure the prospective tenant is of the highest standards and meets all the landlord's expectations.
Tenant selection criteria includes stability of employment, good tenancy track record with their current and past agent, and good credit history.
Once all our checks have been completed we call the landlord to discuss their options. The landlord will always have the final say in who resides in their investment.


Property Inspections

Quarterly inspections are carried out during a tenant's occupancy. Inspections are carried out to see how the tenants are maintaining the property. We send owners detailed reports with photos that state how the tenant is maintaining the property, and suggestions for any preventative maintenance. When tenants give notice to vacate the property we will book a time to complete an exit inspection, and invite landlords to be there when the inspection is done.
The exit inspection report is completed to make sure that the tenants return the property back in the same condition they received it, with fair wear and tear excepted. If there is any damage found or cleaning needing to be done, tenants will be given the opportunity to remedy these findings. Otherwise we will make the necessary deductions from the tenant's rental bond.


Property Keys Supplied to Tenants

A full set of keys must be given to all tenants listed on the Tenancy Agreement, so this may mean having keys cut at the landlord's expense. This would include keys to all external doors, windows, garage or letterbox locks. A full master set of keys will also be held by us.


Water Usage

If there is no individual meter, then a tenant cannot be charged for water usage. However, if the property has an individual water meter and has legally prescribed water efficiency devices, then the tenant is responsible for any cost of water used during their tenancy. Please be aware that Council does require that water rates be paid in full by the landlord of the property. We then request reimbursement from the tenant for the water usage component of the account.
If the property is not water efficient, then the landlord will pay the allocated water rates. However, if the tenant exceeds the allocated water usage, then the tenant will be charged the excess.


Landlord Portal Access

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